The Soul of New Orleans

Cajun Heat Sauces & Spices

With roots that go all the way back to the true Cajun flavors of New Orleans, I proudly offer Cajun Heat - today's best hot sauce on the market.

Using my unique, human-tested recipe, you can experience the ultimate hot sauce. Unlike some of the hot sauce "pretenders" in the marketplace today, Cajun Heat uses only the finest ingredients.

I invite you to try a bottle of my hot sauce or spice. You will never look at another bottle of hot sauce the same.

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Pick your poison!

Smoldering Cajun

A cayenne based hot sauce that boasts all the flavor you can handle, but with a little less kick!

Fiery Cajun

Another cayenne based sauce that lets you take a peppery punch without putting you on the mat!

Liquid Napalm

Our original sauce that heats up the Bayou-and your kitchen! A habanero based sauce that makes you smile while you sweat!

Voodoo Ash

This amazing blend of spices coupled with cayenne pepper compliments any meal - and would please even Marie LaVeau, the Voodoo Queen, herself!

C'est Bon

A Louisiana BBQ sauce true to its roots! Tomatoes, brown sugar, mustard, vinegar, and all the best of the Bayou!