The Soul of New Orleans




1 large yellow onion (chopped)

1 bunch green onions (chopped)

2 large green peppers (chopped)

6 cloves of garlic (minced)

1 2lb bag long grain white rice

1 8oz can tomato paste

1 29oz can tomato sauce

2 lbs spicy sausages (sliced)

2 lbs medium shrimp (raw)

7 cups chicken broth

1 spoonful butter


Preheat oven to 350. In a 9 qt Dutch oven melt the butter then sauté the onions and green peppers. Add the tomato paste and garlic and cook until it darkens slightly. Add remaining ingredients and mix thoroughly. Cover and place in the over. Stir every 15 minutes. Remove when all liquids are absorbed and rice is done. Usually takes about an hour. It may be necessary to add water until the rice is done, do so in ½ cup increments, and be sure to mix thoroughly.

Cajun Heat sauces featured in this dish

Voodoo Ash

This amazing blend of spices coupled with cayenne pepper compliments any meal - and would please even Marie LaVeau, the Voodoo Queen, herself!

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