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Liquid Napalm

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  Cajun Heat

"That Voodoo Ash really ramps it up...There is absolutely no need to add other spices here to round out the flavor...Ash has it all...a veritable Cajun seasoning bomb!"
            The Hot

This stuff is stellar...the flavor and heat it added was just works, and works incredibly well at that... Liquid Napalm took it to a new level...Voodoo Ash is a staple for anything that needs some fire sprinkled on it...
               Hot Sauce

With roots that go all the way back to the true Cajun flavors of New Orleans, I proudly offer Cajun Heat- today's hottest newest hot sauce on the market.

Using my unique, human-tested recipe, you can experience the ultimate hot sauce. Unlike some of the hot sauce "pretenders" in the marketplace today, Cajun Heat uses only the finest ingredients.

I invite you to try a bottle of my hot sauce or spice. You will never look at another bottle of hot sauce the same.

I also welcome dealer and distributor inquires as well.



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